Friday, January 25, 2013

Mason Jars Pendant Lights DIY Part1

Last Saturday me and my girls had a good time sitting at home, making beautiful things and eating delicious foods..and of coarse talking lots.

As I was planning, I made (almost) my Mason Jars Pendant light for our bedroom to be. It was actually pretty quick and easy DIY project. I kinda felt sad that I was done faster than anyone and felt the need to make something else. Since I didn't bring anything else with me I helped one of the ladies with her first craft project, so that satisfied my itch lol
You can check out my inspiration and reference picture here.
The materials I used:
1) 2 Mason Jars with lids (Michales)
2) hot glue gun
3) pendant lights wire kit (ikea)
4) rope (lowes)
5) sharpie to mark the lid (husband cut the holes at work)

The result:

I'm happy with the way they turned out, the only problem I have is the color of the wire. Not sure why I bought black instead of white. Either way I'm thinking to cover the wire with similar rope (more like thread) to match the "lamp shade". Just have to figure out how to do it safe, because the part that holds the bulb will have to be covered as well and I'm sure it gets hot. If you got any ideas for me, it would be lovely if you'd share them in the comments.

Hope your week was great!

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