Sunday, January 6, 2013

New bedroom - the sketch

Are you ready for this? This won't be pretty, you might want to close one eye. haha! Photos of our living you go:

The only piece of furniture that will stay is that tall shelve thing in the corner.

And here's my sketch. Please note that I ain't no interior designer and drawing in perspective is not something I do everyday. Definitely something fun to try though! 
We will be blocking the door that is right next to the fireplace (it'll have the same curtain as windows to imitate another window)

Things that we have:
~ bed 
~ computer desk in white (planning on buying something used/antiqueish) 
~ art/craft desk
end tables that we just bought at antique mall
~ shelves (on the sketch is between art table and wardrobe rack)
~ fake fireplace/heater
~ TV
~ dresser 
~ art for above the bed (i have two bird illustrations i found at the goodwill. will hunt for few more)
Things that we'll need:
~ wardrobe rack (will DIY similar to this)
~ hanging lamps (will DIY similar to these)
~ headboard (will DIY similar to this one)
~ curtains
~ computer desk
~ comfy chairs (the ones we have now are old and mine is broken)
~ quilt (will sew one myself)
~ glass jars for fireplace decoration
~ mirror (maybe)

Either we'll get new pieces of furniture or not and it will look like a mismatched mess, it still will be way better then the way it is now. Can you imagine having all of this furniture in the room almost half the size...Yeah! Exactly! 
Let me know what you think. Next I'll share the bedroom now and sketch of it as a "new" living room :)
Man, so confusing....

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