Sunday, January 27, 2013

Art inspo - watercolor inllustration

Anyone heard of a blogging block before? Pretty sure that's what I have at the moment. And, too be honest, not enough time in the past two weeks. 

My new watercolor supplies been laying here since ..I don't know when and collecting dust (not really cause I clean ;) but I miss sketching, so will try to do something tonight. 
Between cooking (what feels like all day) since we started this big change of how we eat, entertaining my kiddo, washing juicer machine (lol), figuring out the menu and activities for Ethan's birthday I completely forgot about art and creating some. My soul craves some inspiration in that department so I browsed things on Pinterest while Ethan was napping after his nice long bath. He finally discovered water-splashing-with-his-hands movement, even thought we showed him this fun part of bathing many time, but it seemed like he didn't care much for it. Finally today he got it and then of coarse didn't want to stop...haha! Fun times.'s a quick visual I put together of some watercolor illustrations I found via Pinterest:

watercolor inspo

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