Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bettering our lives

It takes me quite some time to form my thoughts in a nice post, especially when it is something important that I would love to share. That's why I've been MIA.
So...the past few days were very interesting for us as a family. You see, when you bring a new life into this world that you will be responsible for to the rest of your life your whole perspective and priorities change. The older Ethan becomes the more we think of what kind of example we show him by talking the way we do, by acting the way we do and by what we eat in front of him (or what we feed him). Me and Ian are both in a "regular" range of weight with just few health problems. Before Ethan was born we ate ..lets just say..ok but not good. We talked a lot about how we should eat but either of us was willing to give up certain things. We both have bad eating habits and things that we crave more often than not. Now we are parents and something just clicked. We want to be better for our son, we want to be healthy and live longer and we want him to know how important it is what you put in your body. The earlier we teach him, the better chances he will have to understand, realize what's important in this life. Which is health. Health and then everything else. My mom always said to me "if you don't have good matter where you are, who you are with and how much money you have you will never be able to enjoy it fully...therefore be happy"..and I always believed her. I was a very sick kid, had tons of problems but I outgrew them all. But my mom did a great job by feeding me right, taking care of me in time, taking measures and trying everything she could to make me healthier. 
Me and Ian started watching a lot of documentaries on foods and such. It has been quite a shock. Over last weekend we completely cleaned out our pantries and refrigerator, bought a juicer, shopped at local produce, organic stores and picked up few things at vitamins store. 
Let me tell you, it is so true when they say "ignorance is bliss"...or how they say in Ukraine "the less you know, the better you sleep" haha which is so true. Yes, truth hurts but after you get over the shock you should use it to your advantage. So far we've seen 3 documentaries so it is hard to sum it up in one short post. If you really care about yours and your loved ones health, would like to know how to prolong your life, be more energized and just happy, watch the movies I will list in the end of my post and start taking care of your health. You might not be as influenced by them as we are now, but just for general education about what we feeding our bodies and minds with it is a good start. Trust me, there's a high chance it will change your life. Now, don' get me wrong. It's only been less than a week since we discovered some facts so I can't say we've changed our lives that fast. All I'm saying is that "ignorance is bliss" but it also may harm you. Knowing facts won't. It may inspire you to change your ways, your life style. 

We are only on day 3 with juicing + raw veggies + grains, slowly getting ready to juice for 10 days. I won't say anything just yet, but will definitely let you all know how we feel in a week. 

In other quick news: we bought tickets to Ukraine to fly this August (three of us) to visit my family for the whole two weeks. To say we are excited is to say nothing :)

And here are few movies:
Hungry for Change (about food indsutry in America)
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (about juicing and what magic it does to your body)
Food Matters ( about how being healthy in America does not make any money and what are the super foods and how they can help your body heal itself)
Fork over Knives (haven't watched this one yet..will be watching tonight)

If you have Netflix you can watch them all there. Some are on Hulu for free. You can buy them on iTunes, or find them on DVDs.

Hope you will watch some of them and be on your way to get healthier :) 

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