Friday, July 19, 2013

Favorite 13 - Stockholm street style looks I've missed

I'm getting better at this now - shuffling between motherhood,  big house endless chores, cooking and even fitting some blogging action.  Safe to say we are settled and it feels good. Grandparents are ecstatic that they get to see Ethan every day. I just wish my parents would have an opportunity to be with him as much as Ian's parents. Maybe one day...
Today I had a bit of time to look through some street style photos on I've mentioned this site before. I used to check it every day like a morning paper haha So it was great to dive in into a fashion world again. Here are 13 favorite looks from the past two-three months that I haven't seen until today

Monday, July 15, 2013

20 days until the trip to Ukraine

.....and I'm freaking out. Unfortunately we had to cancel Ian's ticket and I'm flying with Ethan alone O_o It's nerve wrecking to say the least. I've researched some helpful tips about flying with toddler and even though every one is different I keeping my fingers crossed that Ethan will make this flight somewhat okey. 

We have been living at the house for a month now. The worst part of it is limited or no access to internet. And it really really sucks. I can't keep up with all my favorite blogs and with my own blogging, don't know what's happening in the fashion and art/crafts world. I haven't been on Pinterest for so long...I think I'm going through a withdraw lol 

Of course Ethan is having a time of his life in our new home and everywhere around it. We are slowly getting back on track with juicing and eating plant base "diet". The summer has been very rainy which is fine because when it's hot it's HOT Though we do not owe a pool we have the stream which is a perfect destination for hot days like today. Me and Ethan will be going to put our feet in the water to cool us down in a little bit. 

I have not had any time to do any DIY projects since we moved. Pretty much impossible to have some time to myself. House is large, Ethan is on the go every hour of every day, gotta follow him around all the time. Very rare naps are usually filled with things I need to do around the house. I did fit in a tiny painting for practice. It's tiny but it took me two weeks to finish it. One time I sat down for the whole 2 minutes to paint ha! 

Ian's new job is a blessing. He never has to work on the weekend, he gets paid holidays and the people there are the kindest, respectful and appreciative of him. He comes home happy, smiley and not grumpy whatsoever. We get to spend more time together as a family, which is just fabulous. This change was just what we needed.

Ethan is growing too fast, he says words now, learns things too fast..we can't keep up. So independent and so smart. I just can't wait for my parents enjoy his company for the whole two weeks. There will be lots of pictures. 

I've been quite overwhelmed with shopping lists, making sure I'm not forgetting anything I need to take with me, things to do before we go and just the fact that I'll be alone when I would need my husband the most. Trying hard to think about the end result and how exciting this experience will be. 

Alrighty, for now I'm done just want to share few pictures and gotta run have fun with my 16 mo old boy. 

Can't get over the fact how beautiful the land is. And it's ours...well my in-law's, even after living here for a year I still appreciate the nature, probably even more now since I have Ethan and I can show it all to him, teach him to appreciate it as well. 

Oh and I can not forget to share my best thrift find I've found so far - black high waisted shorts and sky blue with white polka dots button up shirt and all for $10 Feeling Lucky. I'm getting better at this :D

Monday, June 17, 2013

We finally moved

Moving is hard!..No! I think it's the biggest pain in the behind ever, especially when you are moving into the place that is twice as small and you have a toddler that is trying to adjust to a new environment. Schedules are all screwed up, we have been eating crap because no time to cook...not even go grocery shopping properly. And it all feels like a big rush. Which it is. We had to leave that apartment fast. Now we are  trying to unpack and it is even more stressful since there is no more empty space to put our stuff in. Crazy house! I have no energy and no motivation. I haven't been this tired and stressed in a long time. I avoid mirrors lol because I look like poo.

The best and important part of it all is that Ethan is having a blast in the new house, outside running like crazy, getting dirty and having fun with grandma and grandpa.
I'm happy to see him so happy, busy and involved in so many activities his finding to do for himself. Such a big independent boy. Keep meaning to write him a little letter but no time for that little time and so much to do.

So far we moved pretty much everything here into the house, set our room up somewhat and Ethan's room is very functional. Decor is the last thing on my mind so his room is a combination of all sorts of things, styles and colors. Our room looks more like there's at least a color scheme, which is greys, whites, blacks, browns and very tamed lavender/greyish. I'm sure eventually I'll have ideas for new DIY projects and there will be time to decorate and make it feel "ours" but so far we just want to finish up fixing things and putting stuff away, unpacking what we need and getting ready for the trip to Ukraine. By the way, which will be happening in less than two months. I'm getting anxious every day...flying for so many hours with a toddler on the lap doesn't sound like fun to me. 

Ok, i'll have to leave this wonderful blog-land for who knows how long. I hope you guys won't give up on me too quick and will keep an eye out for updates and future projects.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Favorite 13 - ZARA May Lookbook

Zara is one of my favorite brands, too bad I haven't bought a thing from them. All i do is just visit their web site once in a while to drool over new items. Today is one of those days...lets drool together :)

Love the color scheme and those prints! Please get in my closet :)

Photos via

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

hello again

Here I am again apologizing, but mostly to myself. I have been neglecting my blog for a very long time. That is not how I wanted it to be. But due to personal life that has been busy, stressful and frustrating at times I haven't had a chance to sit down and plan my blogging. I don't know how some of you do it - combine personal life with virtual. Not going too lie I feel quite embarrassed because I know great consistent bloggers who are working regular every day jobs, being a parent and (clearly) a blogger. I guess I'm still in a learning process.
Anyways,  here are few things that's been going on lately in my life: 
- took me awhile to recover from wisdom teeth extraction
- husband quitting his job (very sudden decision)
- the renovation on the house isn't over yet, which delays the move, which really sucks
- we had to postpone (once again) getting my license and the test done
- Ethan has been very difficult lately, I have no doubt he hit terrible twos
- I started packing and it's overwhelming
- had to sell few things, our camera included...that hurts the most
- and etc. aka small thing here and there that drive me crazy...I feel like I'll never get things done.

The only way for us to visit internet world is the tablet Ian got for me on Mother's Day. The best part of it is drawing apps. Getting used to digital drawing and so far its a lot of fun. 

Just FYI it took me a week to finish this post lol

And here's something I'm working on

That's all I can share for now. Hope every one is doing well! 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ice cream illustration

WoW! It has been forever. Having a hard time to make the post even now, since I'm in lots of pain after I got my wisdom teeth pulled on Tuesday. All four of them. O_o Feeling so uncomfortable. Not going into the details of how I was coming out of anesthesia, but it was awful. Leah (who was taking care of me and Ethan that day) said it was like a horror movie. 
But back to something pleasant - the art. I haven't painted anything in so long, it felt good to have some time to use paints and brushes again. Here's a first part (work in progress) of my mini "sweet" project I started on a week or so ago.

There will be three illustrations in total for my three very cool looking frames I found back in December (yeah, I know..they have been waiting for some action to happen for forever). Just hoping I'll have time to finish it soon enough. 

Hope you all doing good!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Apologies for my absents

Hi dear friends. It's an old song - but there's just simply not enough time in a day...or ok! maybe there is, but not enough energy in my body lately. Since we decided to move in to in-law's house, we had to ( we my husband and his sister's boyfriend had to) rip our future bedroom apart to get to the problems it has had for year. It turns out it needs some major renovation work done. So the move has been postponed for a month or so. Meanwhile me and sister-in-law been trying to clean out her old room, which will be Ethan's new bedroom. It's so fun to discover bits and pieces of their childhood or teen hood in the process. 
Ian was sick last week and I haven't seen him in days because he would go work on the house every night, after his regular job. I've been busy at home doing all sorts of everyday stuff, caring for my boy and 7 chickens. Yes! You read it right - chickens. We got 7 baby chicks and soon they will have a coop and will start laying eggs. We have big plans about it and big plans for their poo :) In other, even less exciting, news..we are canceling our health insurance that is why I have to squeeze in some appointments before May 1st. One of them is removal of my wisdom teeth. Ouch. I'm scared! 
So Please forgive me for the lack of activity in my corner. I promise I will treat you to something very good very soon. 

P.S. Tomorrow is a big day - I'm getting started on my sleeve tattoo! YAY!