Monday, March 18, 2013

Birthday party - small update

I miss blogging so much. I feel like I've missed out on so many things in the blog-world. Things I wanted to remember and share or discover. But I had the greatest excuse not to blog in the past few weeks. My beautiful son turned one last Sunday and it was such a wonderful time for all of our families. We had to split the birthday party into two parts (friends, family) because of the lack of space in our current apartment. In the end it worked out for the best and I couldn't be happier the way everything turned out.
Everyday before the party I was doing small things in the living room to make it look nice. It was a challenge but I managed to turn it into something cute that my friends said "wow" to, knowing what it looked like before haha It doesn't look exactly like my mood board, but close enough.

The mood and the theme of Ethan's party was also manageable. The hardest part was finding wooden crates to use them as a cake/food display. Actually we had allergy-free cupcakes instead of the cake, since I made Ethan's cake raw and it had to sit in the freezer until I was ready to serve it. Anyways, today I'll just give you a sneak of the birthday display. The rest of the photos will be later next week. Waiting for a DVD from my wonderful friend/photographer, who took a bunch of beautiful pics of the friends-part party.

Edit: Finishing this post few days after I started it. So many things going on right now and so little time. I have my drivers test this Thursday so I've been practicing like mad woman over the weekend, next week we might be starting slowly moving in into husband's parents house. It's a huge project and will take time. It also happened quite unexpected..we'll see what happens in a week. So far I'm concerned with my test and being anxious about it doesn't let me think of anything else. Fear paralyzes me. 

Anyhow, hope your week will be smooth!


  1. What a gorgeous display! Everything from the castle of crates to the banners and photo's just darling! What a wonderful way to celebrate your son's birthday.

    And thanks for your lovely comment on my blog today. Gosh, I felt so humbled by your compliments. Great to visit your corner of the blog-o-sphere again. I love the font on your post titles...and your vintage-looking photos!

    1. Thank you so much Lauren! So glad you liked it. And very happy that you liked the font and pics seem to you exactly how I wanted them to. Antique/vintage is my love :)