Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cheap "upholstery" alternative DIY

Sorry guys for being MIA for so long. Busy bee over here trying to get stuff done before next Saturday, getting anxious and sad. Decided to stop by and share another cheap alternative DIY to upholstery with fabric. I have this square ottoman (green, brown and white) that wasn't working with anything in our living room and since I had yellow (and then I bought silver) fabric paint I thought "why not paint my ottoman over with these beautiful colors". And I did. The top we did re-upholstery with yellow fleece that I had left from my other DIY (will share later) but it didn't feel right. Then I used my old grey t-shirt and let the ottoman "wear" it for now. Here are the results:

Not exactly what I've been planning on here but personally I think mine turned out way better. Oh and using stapler gun is SO much fun, haha!


  1. wow what a transformation!!!!! I love it!

    1. Thanks you! I didn't expect it turn out so good haha

  2. I love this! How smart and simple. :) And those end colors are fab! ;)
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