Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fast make-over - the living room

I have 17 days until Ethan's birthday and our "new" living room is a mess. We didn't realize how ugly it will look with white walls, brown sofas, dark purple door frames and window seals..<- I mean, who in their mother decided that was a great color to put on. Yuck! Don't even get me started on how the "job" was done. Anyways. Here's an inspirational board of how I'd like our room to look. Of coarse it won't look EXACTLY like this (i wish!), but the color and just a general idea is this

living room make over inspiration

I have a square ottoman with storage inside, really would like to reupholster it, one of the sofas is up on craigslist, instead we want a chair. That way we'll have some space to make a small play area for our boy. I'm thinking it's time to learn how to operate craigslist like a professional and get me some used pieces for cheap ;)

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