Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First birthday inspirations

I have a little over month and a half to figure out what is going on with Ethan's birthday (menu, decor, kids activities, healthy cake). At the moment we already decided that we'd have to split the celebration into two days. One for family and one for friends. It's sucks to have a small place to live and not be able to fit all of the great people we love at the same time. As I mentioned before, we want it to be low key simple birthday. To accomplish that we'll invite immediate family and the closest friends with kids, have simple yummy finger foods and snacks, home-made cake(s) and some cupcakes. I already made the invites (went to bed at 1 am which turned my morning into a nightmare boo). Me and sister-in-law will be making some decorations so that overall budget won't kill us in the end. Here's a quick mood board I made to have a visual of what kind of theme I want to create. 

Ethan 1st bday mood board