Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Oh, these kids!

Today was an interesting day. First I made a bad choice by letting my son hang in his room diaperless (you know, that area absolutely needs some air as well) which resulted (TMI alert) in him taking a nice #2 on the floor. I'm sorry if this detail is offending you, but I can't help but laugh my behind off. So there was an unplanned bathing session in order. 

Btw we switched the rooms (something I was talking about here and here) without waiting on the floor being done. Ian actually explained my impatient head, that it's a winter with snow and rain, which makes it impossible to go outside and do all the cutting of paneling. Duhhh! Well, we did it last weekend and we are both thrilled how wonderful our "new" bedroom turned out. I even got to hang my DIY Mason Jar Pendant Lights
The reason, why I'm mentioning the room switching, is that because now the living room is much safer for Ethan to play in. We leave him there alone for quite some time when he is super busy. There are only two sofas and TV in it, with one door that has his baby gate in. The other door is blocked by one of the sofa I mentioned above. It's much smaller so he feels so much more confident walking around, since he can get from one side to another pretty quick. So while he was busy playing with some of his kitchen wear in the living-room  (kid has ton of toys but all he wants is ..NOT toys. haha) I had sometime to do a quick DIY project. A little in to it and I heard something I shouldn't be hearing. The door knob was making noses like someone was touching it. The only way for Ethan to do that is for him to be ON the sofa O_o I went in and yes, he was indeed on the sofa "dancing" with the big proud smile on his face lol Unfortunately his party was interrupted.
Well last but not least...Ethan now can open the doors and all of ours has old-school door knobs, it's quite I have no clue how this almost 11 months old learned how to do that. Not to mention that he now, with no problem, can get off of the bed or sofa if he's hanging out with us. 

In 4 days exactly he will be 11 months old. I better get on to finishing the menu and making a trial cake. 

Ok, enough about us. Hope your week is going well! Stay healthy.

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