Friday, January 4, 2013

The New bedroom idea

After a lot of thinking, talking, sketching me and the husband finally came to agreement that it will be the best if we do swap our living room with bedroom. Soon I'll share really embarrassing photos of our not-so-pretty apartment so you'll have an idea what we are dealing with and a few sketches of how it should look after the swap. Even though the space is small and building is old and walls are covered with paneling (*ewww*) and THEN paint, I think it's possible to make something lovely out of all this mess. Here's a quick share of y mood board of how we envision the "new" bedroom. 

country style bedroom mood board

country style bedroom mood board by marixa on Polyvore

When we moved in I painted this room green olive with dark brown windows and door frames. The colors suits the bedroom mood more - definitely puts you to sleep haha! There's also a fire place that isn't working, but is a great place to decorate. So I am excited even though a huge project needs to be done first - laminate flooring!

And here's our new end tables we bought at Antique Mall last weekend. 

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