Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Trial birthday cake - Raw Cashew Dreamcake

Unfortunately I haven't taken any good photos of the process of making this cake, I have a few snaps from my phone of how the cake turned out. I used the recipe of a Raw Cashew Dreamcake via My New Roots. It is fabulous. Not only it looks pretty but it taste like amazing (guilt free) cheesecake. In the original recipe it says to use juice of two lemons, which I did..but to my taste (and my husbands, his sisters and her bfs) it was a bit too much acid. Next time I'll use one lemon. Also, I used blueberries instead of raspberries, but you can use whatever berry you want. It took me maybe 30 mins to prep and it froze for few hours in the freezer. Absolutely shocking how incredible a no bake, no wheat, no sugar, no egg, no dairy cake could taste! 

Top picture is combination of the snapshot of My New Roots's cake and my ingredients. 

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