Monday, January 28, 2013

We are what we eat - 7 days after

I will start by telling you a few things about how we used to eat. 
First of all my husband has been relying on an energy drink every morning for 6 years O_o! He would never eat breakfast (he always said he's not hungry in the morning), he would drink his drink in the morning, he would have a nasty fast food lunch (unless he'd come over home and i'd make him something) then he would come home from work and eat a ton of food (good and bad) to "catch up" I guess. His father's side of the family have a bad history of heart attacks, high blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol. Ian is almost 36 and his uncle had his first heart attack at 35. So hey, if I were Ian I'd start changing my diet long time ago. But I think every one have to do it when they feel it's time, they have to figure it out for themselves and make this decision. As for me, I wasn't saint either. Since I moved here my diet has changed a lot. Fist year it was "you have to try this and you have to try that", then we lived in his parent's house for a year in the basement with no fully functional kitchen. There were lots of junk. As much as I wanted to eat healthier it was difficult when we would enable one another in different ways. Grocery shopping was a chore and we always wanted to get it over with. When we moved out and I had a big kitchen to cook in we were doing all sorts of thing. We ate healthy foods (or at least what we thought was healthier than what we ate before), we ate tons of red meat and eggs and milk. You know, we needed protein and calcium. Oh and don't forget alcohol beverages we have consumed over the past however many years. Here in the States it's pretty much a "must-do" every Friday night. And to be honest i like a yummy Margarita or a cold beer. Then there was a time when I cooked ton of Ukrainian foods, which is greasy and very heavy for your belly. Although we honestly wanted to eat healthy, we did it half way (or the best way to put it half-ass)! Then I was pregnant. There were cravings and "puppy eyes" at my husband and so on. But not until Ethan was born and Ian started feeling like absolute crap for the past months and months, we haven't done anything as serious as we have been doing for the past 7 days. 

After watching the movies I listed in my post Bettering our lives, we got rid of all the nasty, evil foods such as: mayo, ketchup, tomato sauce, cow milk, spices that are not organic and with ton of salt, juices, fast cooking veggies or meals, chicken, sour cream, white flour, baby carrots..can't think of everything. Basically all the stuff that wasn't raw vegetables and fruits. All dairy, meats and things with ton of salt and of coarse anything processed with millions of ingredients that you can't pronounce. 

Our day would start with a freshly pressed juices, lunch would be either juice or salad with tons of raw veggies and organic apple cider for dressing, tiny bit of salt and black pepper or a soup made with organic soup mix with added veggies and spices or buckwheat with veggies, dinner would be salmon with salad or leftovers of soup. For snacks we had raw walnuts or almonds, pitted dates or apples. Of coarse during the day I'd snack on fruits or nuts. Drinking a lot of water should be like brushing your teeth in the morning but I always forget. Then I feel super thirsty...and it's bad. You gotta stay hydrated. We also bought some organic teas and had them with all natural honey. It was ah-mazing! Grocery shopping is now fun and like an adventure. 

After 7 days of eating this way Ian lost 5 lbs and I lost 6 lbs as of today. Ian haven't had his energy drink, he feels incredible, he hasn't falling asleep on me when we watch a movie lol and he's been in such great mood, cooking in the kitchen, helping me, smiling and just in general it's like someone had replaced him. Hard to believe it's been only 7 days. I haven't thought of coffee or chocolates since we started. Haven't craved anything disgusting..because really it is disgusting. Waking up is so much easier. I had energy to cook, clean, play with my kid, do Pilates (and all of that I do with pleasure) in the evening and I haven't felt tired at all like I used to feel. And believe me when I say ..just a week ago my days were quite bad. I felt tired ALL OF THE TIME..and then I felt tired of feeling tired. It felt like I would never get enough sleep. Basically what I'm trying to say here people, is that WHAT YOU PUT INSIDE YOUR BODY IS CRUCIAL. If it's good - you will feel good, if it's bad - you will feel bad. That's all there is to it. Of coarse not to mention amazing discoveries doctors and scientists made about how food can reverse cancers and other diseases. But you'll have to watch those movies and pay attention. Your jaw will be on the floor, I promise ;)  

As for feeding our baby boy..well, his diet has changed as well. I cook him everyday, everything fresh. He tried our juices and he loved it. After he will be done with formula (which I can't wait because it's another thing we need to research and I'm sure is not as great as we think) we will be giving him unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk, which ever he will like better. I already gave him a little bit of almond milk to try and he loved it. One cup of it has more calcium than cow milk and more vitamins. And again, if you watch those movies you will know that cow milk isn't that great for humans as we always been told it is. 

Ok, i wrote a book here. Hopefully you will have enough patience to read it all haha and take action to make your life healthier and happier. 


  1. Thanks so much for posting this follow-up! I also watched Hungry for Change and some of the others and really want to get our family onto a whole food/organic diet too! It's so great to see that it is really working great for you! I also have been struggling with what to feed our little one and this has helped a lot!

    My other thing with the whole foods/organic diet is how expensive it can be. We don't have a really big grocery budget, and it's tough because processed foods are so much cheaper! Do you have any advice for this?

    1. You are so welcome, Liz! Our budget is also not that big. We just know in the long run it will pay off in many ways, it's so worth it.
      I know, organic goodies are so expensive. Just yesterday we went to an organic store called MOM's organic market and we bought only few little things. Honestly, I personally think it is a process. I don't think anyone can just go in and buy every thing organic and start with a clean slate so to speak. I mean, unless you are a millionair haha. For now we still go tonon-organic produce store to buy all the veggies and fruits. It is WAY cheaper than a grocery store (well, we discovered that Giant has a good produce but haven't compared the prices yet)and it has bigger variety. A lot of things we used eat everyday have some kind of alternative. Next time you grocery shop for usual things take pictures of the prices on your phone. Add everything up and look closely what is really isn't that good for you but rather convenient. Look up online alternatives for this and that. And just go to explore to organic store. You don't have to buy anything and don't panic at all of the prices. haha Take pictures as well. If you think about it, if you cut out lots of unnecessary that you got used to buying for that amount of money you can buy something good at organic store. If I figure some secret in the future maybe I'll be more helpful. You know, we just started so it'll take us some time. I hope I made sense :)