Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Favorite 13 - Just few beautiful things

It's been a lazy kind of week here on my blog. OK, maybe word "lazy" isn't the right word. I've been sick. I know right! How is it even possible after eating so great, drinking juices with TONS of vitamins and BAM! Yesterday I was in bed all day, the night before I had a slight fever and my whole body was aching, felt super weak. Ian had to take off work yesterday and was hiding with Ethan in the living room while I was resting and drinking lots of fluids. Today I'm fine, just a runny nose. Weird stuff! I have no idea what was that and where did it come from. 

Alright, back to something more fun. Since my mind wasn't as productive as usual in the past 48 hours, today  I got help from my tumblr blog. It's my visual catalog of all the things that inspire me, make me smile, happy and just go "awww" or "wow". I decided why not to share some images with you guys. You can find my tumblr button here on the right ->


via Tumblr
Hope all of you are doing well!

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