Thursday, December 13, 2012

Show off your wardrobe

We really want to switch our bedroom with the living-room. Ok, I really want to! Haha! But I have a very good point why it'd be way better. You see, we live in the house that was built in 1800' so the layout is weird and after it got split in three different units it became even weirder. When you walk in into our home, first thing you see is our bedroom. I mean, it's like BAM! right in your face. To get to the living-room you either can walk thought the bedroom or take a little hall way, which no one does, because it's inconvenient. You know, why would you have to TURN right if you can just walk straight. I'm exaggerating   of coarse, but there's truth to it too. Plus "now living-room" is right next to Ethan's room, so we barely use it for to watch a movie or something (we like watching movies loud). If we'd have a bedroom there, it'd be easier to get to our son's room and both bedrooms would be in one area of the house. Another good point - we eventually could get rid of the wall in the "future living-room" that is "now bedroom" and have an open plan where kitchen meets living-room. Easier to entertain and no one will ever see where we sleep. HAHA! <- I hope it all makes sense! 

Anyways..I already have the whole room planned out in my head. Unfortunately there's one BUT - the only closet for our clothes we have is in our "now bedroom". It's tiny..and super dark, and it's annoying because i have to actually use my muscles to get some things out lol Ian was using the excuse "there's no closet in the living-room" so we wouldn't change anything. Too bad I have great ideas how to "fix" it. Let me tell you...he is a lucky guy ;)

Ok, enough talking. Here's what I have in mind:

We would have plenty of room to have our wardrobe in the open on one of the DIY  garment racks. Fabulous!!!

These images do not belong to me. Found them all (as most of the images in my blog unless otherwise stated) on google images.

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