Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ice cream illustration

WoW! It has been forever. Having a hard time to make the post even now, since I'm in lots of pain after I got my wisdom teeth pulled on Tuesday. All four of them. O_o Feeling so uncomfortable. Not going into the details of how I was coming out of anesthesia, but it was awful. Leah (who was taking care of me and Ethan that day) said it was like a horror movie. 
But back to something pleasant - the art. I haven't painted anything in so long, it felt good to have some time to use paints and brushes again. Here's a first part (work in progress) of my mini "sweet" project I started on a week or so ago.

There will be three illustrations in total for my three very cool looking frames I found back in December (yeah, I know..they have been waiting for some action to happen for forever). Just hoping I'll have time to finish it soon enough. 

Hope you all doing good!

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