Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Apologies for my absents

Hi dear friends. It's an old song - but there's just simply not enough time in a day...or ok! maybe there is, but not enough energy in my body lately. Since we decided to move in to in-law's house, we had to ( we my husband and his sister's boyfriend had to) rip our future bedroom apart to get to the problems it has had for year. It turns out it needs some major renovation work done. So the move has been postponed for a month or so. Meanwhile me and sister-in-law been trying to clean out her old room, which will be Ethan's new bedroom. It's so fun to discover bits and pieces of their childhood or teen hood in the process. 
Ian was sick last week and I haven't seen him in days because he would go work on the house every night, after his regular job. I've been busy at home doing all sorts of everyday stuff, caring for my boy and 7 chickens. Yes! You read it right - chickens. We got 7 baby chicks and soon they will have a coop and will start laying eggs. We have big plans about it and big plans for their poo :) In other, even less exciting, news..we are canceling our health insurance that is why I have to squeeze in some appointments before May 1st. One of them is removal of my wisdom teeth. Ouch. I'm scared! 
So Please forgive me for the lack of activity in my corner. I promise I will treat you to something very good very soon. 

P.S. Tomorrow is a big day - I'm getting started on my sleeve tattoo! YAY! 

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