Tuesday, April 9, 2013

No more pacifier in this home - YAY!

It's hard to explain the feeling of satisfaction when you accomplish something so big (at least in my book it is quite big). Feels like I can fly..hehe Five days ago something hit me and I decided to start weaving Ethan off of the pacifier. I read somewhere that if you make a small hole in the nipple and offer it to your kid, he (she) would take it and eventually would lose any interest in the "broken" binky. I started from there, but Ethan figured this trick out right away and got pissy, threw his binky on the floor and looked at me like I was crazy.
The first nap that day was a bit challenging, he cried for about 10 minutes (which felt like forever) and since he was already very tired he passed out for an hour or so. I was in shock and thought it was too good to be truth, the night sleep probably won't be that easy. But I was wrong. When the bed time came, we did the same routing we always do, I left the room, he cried for few minutes and passed out cold until next morning. I could not believe him. I've been very paranoid from the day one about the pacifier and was afraid Ethan would end up so attached to it that he'll be a 3 year old trying to argue with me why he still needs his pacy. Of coarse it would have been my fault and my fault only, because I believe that soothers like pacifier is more for a parent than for the baby. And at some point you just have to decide and take this step, the earlier the better. 12+ months seemed like a perfect timing. He can't say anything to me and try argue his point and he clearly doesn't need it anymore. Obviously every child is different so it's up to the mommy to feel when is a good timing to wean. Mother's instinct does exist :)

Love, M.

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