Monday, January 14, 2013

Favorite 13 - shabby chic things I would own

Shabby chic love happening over here, people! If I was single (yeah, I don't think Ian would dig this style lol) my house would be all in these distressed pastel colored pieces...I'd probably get sick in a month though :)

1) And I'll start with this beautiful vanity! A girl's dream. You can purchase it over at Esty shop The Painted Cottages

2) So as this beautiful cabinet 

3) I would add some of this fabric into my interior and make a beautiful quilt. Buy it here

4) Lovely tray. Buy it here

5) Starting to like chandeliers. This one is not too overwhelming. Find it here 

6) What a cool storage for your mudroom. Get it here

7) Another gorgeous piece of furniture! I'd use it as a laptop desk. You can purchase it here 

8) I'd make my husband like this headboard haha. Buy it here

9) This pillow is awesome - that's all! Buy it here

10) Would be sitting on my shabby chic fireplace :) Beautiful clock, check it out here

11) You probably know by now that I'm crazy about Mason jars or any other antique cool looking glass jars, so it's not a surprise I've included these beauties. Buy them (or other colors) here

12) Your coats can have a pretty place to hang on too. Buy this wall hanger here 

13) And you would absolutely have to have a shabby mirror. Purchase it here

Phew, that was a lot. I'm thinking to cut down on the number. This mama can't keep up and feeling like 13 is a bit much for you guys. Maybe 7? Let me know what you think. Less is more? Hope your weekends were great!

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