Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ethan will be ONE in two months

Say what? How this even happened? Why so fast? Time is a crazy thing. Why days are so slow but months or even years are so fast!? You know what I mean? Anyhow...very soon my son will be one year old, very hard to believe and I don't even know what I'm feeling about it. All I know is that we are happy he's here and not sure if I remember how it was before him. 

Now to the fun part. Me and Ian decided that there's nothing bad about having low key 1st birthday party...or even 2nd, 3d etc for that matter. I remember my birthdays when I was little. They were lovely, in a small circle of friends with yummy cake my mom would always bake and other sugary deliciousness'. Kids would come and give me cute gifts, we would eat and watch cartoons and play games. While adults would have their own celebration with adult drinks and foods. I was always happy and never wanted more. I was very satisfied with all my birthdays. It was a nice "tradition" and we'd love to have a similar one for Ethan. We'll have few friends over with their kiddos, let Ethan eat his first cake and make a mess, we'll take tons of pics and adults will have their beers and finger foods. I'm excited. It will be my first party I will be hosting by myself...O_o 

For now I'm researching and making a "wish list" of things I'd like to get for our boy's birthday. I read somewhere that you should get something to wear, something to read and something to play with. I think that's how it goes. We already noticed he loves music and "dances" as soon as he hears a beat...so adorable. He also loves books, always carrying one around and chews on it haha Oh right! Talk about chewing. Everything ..EVERYTHING goes in his mouth. No matter what it is, the first time he touches a new thing he absolutely has to taste it first. That is why I am looking in to organic/natural/green wooden toys first. As well as some art supplies that are safe to "eat". As far as clothing - he has a ton hand-me-downs from our awesome cousin and her kids, so all he needs is shoes. And man, those things are expensive! 
So here are few things I found so far and can't wait for him to have it :) 
yes, I'm secretly enjoying every new toy he gets.

ethan's wish list

ethan's wish list by marixa on Polyvore

P.S. Under the shoes, there's a box of blocks with Russian alphabet. Ethan will be bilingual since his mommy's side is Ukrainian/Russian and daddy's American :)

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