Sunday, January 13, 2013

Outfit of the week - military jacket

My husband obviously doesn't have a clue what treasures he has...haha I found his military jacket (it's faux) and had to steal it. It's oversized on me (would be weird if it fit..right) which made it perfect. I like oversized and if you know how to work it, it will look just as fab as if it was a piece of clothing in your size. Don't be afraid to experiment! 
So here's first outfit I came up with. There are endless possibilities to style this jacket. For now I wanted something feminine and sexy. 

Don't even ask me about the location! LOL 
~ The blouse I'm wearing is the same one I wore on my birthday (Forever21)
~ boyfriend's jeans
~ my mother's leather clutch (it's as old as me if not older)
~ my favourite heels (pretty beat up) 
~ bracelets (LoveCulture) 
~ old benie 

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