Thursday, December 6, 2012

Transfer photo on canvas, wood or fabric

As I promised, today I will share "the map on canvas" DIY that I did for my son's room. It hangs on the wall above the rocking chair. You can check all of the room photos here

Material you will need:
1) canvas (or wood);
2) mod podge (I used semi-gloss);
3) a brush;
4) printer, paper;
5) your image;
6) spray bottle with water.

 All you need to do is to print your image that you want to transfer (laser copy), make sure if you have wording on the image to print it mirrored because you will be putting the picture face down on to the canvas (or wood). Take your mod-podge and cover the canvas with it using the brush. Then put your photo face down, press it and make sure to smooth it out. Let it sit for few hours. You want your piece to be dry completely. If you are not sure if it's dry enough just leave it overnight. Next thing you do is spray water on your canvas and start rubbing the paper with your fingers. It might take some time and depending on you want your image look like (more aged look or less) you can repeat the procedure as needed. The paper will start rolling of off the canvas leaving the ink on. 

I haven't used this technique on fabric yet but I've seen people do it and it looks just as good.

Let me know if you've tried this DIY before and how did it turn out. I'd love to see photos of your projects. 

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