Monday, December 3, 2012

Boy's room - sea theme

Since I've started his blog after I had my baby, I won't be bothering and posting "the progress" or "the details" pictures of my son's room and how hard we worked on it. I'll just get right to the point and share the final product, so to speak. But first, please look closely at the room the way it used to look.
It was a tiny, almost square room with one window and one questionable "closet" on the opposite wall, on the left from the door. We had to close that "hole" that was the closet door and move it to a wall that was outside of the room, in the hallway. That way we weren't limited with wall space and the way we wanted to put furniture in. Husband turned the questionable closet into a nice closet but it will be a different post ;)
Are you ready for an amazing transformation...I hope you are, it will blow your mind haha! (or at least it did mine)





Where do I begin. The theme of the room is all things sea and we picked non-traditional color scheme for you can see. A lot of small things were hand-made or altered after buying them at the store. This week I will share some of the DIY projects we did for Ethan's room. We couldn't be happier the way it turned out and I think our son loves it too! 

In the end we spent around $1700 on all of the things, including laminate for the floor and material for the closet that is behind the wall on the last photos. 

Let me know your thoughts! 

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