Friday, December 7, 2012

My kind of birthday/new years

I'm so over the whole bar scene. Every year it's the same thing - dinner, drinks, house party, bar party etc. I'm really craving something new and re-refreshing. And I'm pretty sure my husband read my mind. He has planned a snowboarding lesson for me on my birthday, that happen to be two days before New Years. Since I've moved here we have been trying to find an excuse to go snowboarding, but this thing is so damn expensive we just couldn't do it. This year it will change and no matter what troubles we are going through with the car accident, we promised each other - nothing will bring us down and we will have fun anyways. 
Here's a little visual to put me in the mood and maybe some of you too..

my kind of birthday/new years

Would not mind at all spending New Years the same way, in the log cabin next to fire place cuddled up with my boys sipping on some mulled wine.

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