Friday, December 7, 2012

Outfit of the week - girl friend's bday party

It was disgusting rainy out today, so I didn't have a chance to come out to take a few pictures of my outfits I'm planning on wearing for the party. Tomorrow my girl friend celebrating her birthday and I will just pop up for few hours to not be rude. I've missed her birthday last year - I was pregnant. This year I don't even feel like staying out all night, so I'm going just for a drink. 
But I do feel like wearing something cute no matter for how long I'm leaving the house. It's so rare when I leave my little town to go downtown.
So here are two variations, if you'll have a second comment the # of which one should I wear ;)

which one

which one by marixa featuring skinny jeans

Those my ankle booties I was writing about here and I have very similar fake fur vest from Vera Wang, I also have peach/orangish blouse and black button up with cute collar details..and I have similar black big clutch. So Im debating what mood I want to be in...because I dress not what Im in the mood for but what mood I want to be in.


  1. I love outfit #1. Love the clean lines and look as a whole.

    1. I picked that one! Thanks so much for sharing your opinion. xx