Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hand-made Christmas cards ideas

I love making cards!!!! For Valentine's day, Father's day, Birthdays, Christmas...Thank Yous..etc. I wish I had all the time in the world (ok and money too) to make them every holiday, so I do try to take time and make a few for certain occasions
This year I will definitely find the time to create hand-made cards for my special people. It maybe a bit late but I don't care so as my loved ones. So what if they will get it after Christmas? :)

Today I found few cute ideas that I really wanted to share. If you are planning on making DIY cards this holiday season look no further.

1) Super easy if you have a sewing machine:

I personally love simplicity in things and if you have a big family this is the way to go. 
Get some plane cards, use free motion foot and cut out some stars, glue them on and tada! Great idea by Amy at Amy a la Mode

2) A little harder and time consuming:
(you don't HAVE to use a sewing machine, but you do need some adorable fabric scraps)

If you know German you can check some details and templates here but I think it's pretty self-explanatory.

3) I'm all for non-traditional and different. Next card exactly that:
( you'll need: old books, phone books, plane cards, glue)

Adorable! You can read more about this card and her owner over at Aunt Peaches.

4) Last but not least - my own idea that was born with the help of one creative girl. I found her lovely watercolor tutorial awhile ago and now I know where I am going to use it. 
Her name is Elise and you can check out her blog Grow Creative here. 
Here is what you do:  
- you buy these plane watercolor Greeting cards. (I bought them before and they are awesome!)
- find a cute Christmas Tree stencil (or you can make your own) and 
- use Elise's tutorial to make a gorgeous card (watercolor paint, of coarse, is necessary!) 

I have not done it yet. I just got this idea tonight, so forgive me for not showing you an example. Instead I'll show you the cute elephant Elise did with her stencils and watercolors.
To read more about this tutorial just head over her blog.

Hoping you now have an idea what I was talking about :)

Let me know if you made any of these.


  1. Hey there! Thanks for your comments over at my blog and for linking to my stencil project. Christmas tree cards are a great idea! I'd love to see them when you make them.

    1. Thanks Elise! I will let you know when they up on my blog!