Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Macaroons from New York

If you are a tumblr user you will agree with me when i say - "macaroons are everywhere"!  or at least they were last year. If it wasn't for tumblr, I probably would have never known what the heck is macaroon and where did it come from. But I'm grateful for tumblr and am glad I found out about this fabulous treat. I've been obsessing over these tiny beautiful "cookies" for over a year and it took me a while to find a place, not far from me, that made them. Unfortunately I was disappointed as soon as I took a bite. They were too dry and flavor wasn't strong enough to even identify it. The place had very good reviews in our state but I never trust any reviews until I experience something myself. Yes, i was upset. Yes I did find a detailed recipe and step-by-step video tutorial how to cook them at home and yes, I was going to try it but haven't had a chance. And because I am such a lucky girl and I have a great friend, who knows me well, I don't need to worry about making macaroons in my kitchen, because I got to try real most incredible macaroon straight from New York City! It was the early birthday gift from my girl friend :)

I was making all sorts of noises when eating these beautiful round perfectly made treats! I Don't think I have ever tasted anything more perfect. It's hard to describe the taste and flavors in words, especially not in my native language so if you are in NY I highly recommend to try it for yourself. You won't regret it. 

p.s. I'm sure there might be place with even better macaroons but to me these were the perfect ones, just the way I imagined...NO! even better! Even my dog Jack was mesmerized by them haha!

The store is called BisousCiao Macarons 

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