Sunday, November 18, 2012

Swaddle DIY - repost

This is an old post from my other blog that I will be deleting soon.

I was lucky to get a very nice thing for my baby at the baby shower - Swaddleme swaddler that we used and used and used. My kid can't sleep if he's not swaddled because he has the "crazy hands" and always smacks himself on the face and wakes himself up. Unfortunately the thing has it's expiration date if you use it pretty much every night. So I was about to go and buy this ridiculously expensive woombie thing that had a zipper instead of Velcro, which seamed so much easier and it also lets the baby move the arms inside whichever way. BUT...i didn't! I couldn't justify spending $26 + shipping for piece of stretchy fabric with the zipper in the middle. I went in and found some hand-me-down night gowns that we never use and decided to make my very own wommbie. I spend about an hour (I was rushing to make it and test it so it's made poorly but it works) and about $3 on the zipper..and Voila!...Sleeping kid = happy mama :D


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  1. This is a utility patented product as well as trademark protected. Please respectfully remove TM "Woombie" from this blog

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    Ergonomic swaddling garment
    US 8607364 B2