Sunday, November 18, 2012

My day in photos - Sunday funday!

 Lana is my girl now, listening her on repeat. 

 Doubleshot white chocolate - is my love!

 I love my watercolors!

 I doodled on my crafts table to make it pretty :)

 Working on my small DIY project - will share soon!

 Lunch for my munchkin! He loves brussels sprouts.

 Another child - Chihuahua Jack, he is 3 yo, he is nothing like typical Chihuahua and he is in love with my husband!
 My poor boy, teething non stop. He doesn't get a break at all. Just got his 3rd tooth. Apparently 4th decided to come in right after.

 He loves to go for walk. Never sleeps outside anymore, just watches the world.

 I love this tree! 

 Picked up some pretty leaves and will try to dry them and use them in my next project. 

Also a  good thing to have them home for reference when I paint.

Hope you had a lovely Sunday!

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