Monday, June 17, 2013

We finally moved

Moving is hard!..No! I think it's the biggest pain in the behind ever, especially when you are moving into the place that is twice as small and you have a toddler that is trying to adjust to a new environment. Schedules are all screwed up, we have been eating crap because no time to cook...not even go grocery shopping properly. And it all feels like a big rush. Which it is. We had to leave that apartment fast. Now we are  trying to unpack and it is even more stressful since there is no more empty space to put our stuff in. Crazy house! I have no energy and no motivation. I haven't been this tired and stressed in a long time. I avoid mirrors lol because I look like poo.

The best and important part of it all is that Ethan is having a blast in the new house, outside running like crazy, getting dirty and having fun with grandma and grandpa.
I'm happy to see him so happy, busy and involved in so many activities his finding to do for himself. Such a big independent boy. Keep meaning to write him a little letter but no time for that little time and so much to do.

So far we moved pretty much everything here into the house, set our room up somewhat and Ethan's room is very functional. Decor is the last thing on my mind so his room is a combination of all sorts of things, styles and colors. Our room looks more like there's at least a color scheme, which is greys, whites, blacks, browns and very tamed lavender/greyish. I'm sure eventually I'll have ideas for new DIY projects and there will be time to decorate and make it feel "ours" but so far we just want to finish up fixing things and putting stuff away, unpacking what we need and getting ready for the trip to Ukraine. By the way, which will be happening in less than two months. I'm getting anxious every day...flying for so many hours with a toddler on the lap doesn't sound like fun to me. 

Ok, i'll have to leave this wonderful blog-land for who knows how long. I hope you guys won't give up on me too quick and will keep an eye out for updates and future projects.

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