Monday, July 15, 2013

20 days until the trip to Ukraine

.....and I'm freaking out. Unfortunately we had to cancel Ian's ticket and I'm flying with Ethan alone O_o It's nerve wrecking to say the least. I've researched some helpful tips about flying with toddler and even though every one is different I keeping my fingers crossed that Ethan will make this flight somewhat okey. 

We have been living at the house for a month now. The worst part of it is limited or no access to internet. And it really really sucks. I can't keep up with all my favorite blogs and with my own blogging, don't know what's happening in the fashion and art/crafts world. I haven't been on Pinterest for so long...I think I'm going through a withdraw lol 

Of course Ethan is having a time of his life in our new home and everywhere around it. We are slowly getting back on track with juicing and eating plant base "diet". The summer has been very rainy which is fine because when it's hot it's HOT Though we do not owe a pool we have the stream which is a perfect destination for hot days like today. Me and Ethan will be going to put our feet in the water to cool us down in a little bit. 

I have not had any time to do any DIY projects since we moved. Pretty much impossible to have some time to myself. House is large, Ethan is on the go every hour of every day, gotta follow him around all the time. Very rare naps are usually filled with things I need to do around the house. I did fit in a tiny painting for practice. It's tiny but it took me two weeks to finish it. One time I sat down for the whole 2 minutes to paint ha! 

Ian's new job is a blessing. He never has to work on the weekend, he gets paid holidays and the people there are the kindest, respectful and appreciative of him. He comes home happy, smiley and not grumpy whatsoever. We get to spend more time together as a family, which is just fabulous. This change was just what we needed.

Ethan is growing too fast, he says words now, learns things too fast..we can't keep up. So independent and so smart. I just can't wait for my parents enjoy his company for the whole two weeks. There will be lots of pictures. 

I've been quite overwhelmed with shopping lists, making sure I'm not forgetting anything I need to take with me, things to do before we go and just the fact that I'll be alone when I would need my husband the most. Trying hard to think about the end result and how exciting this experience will be. 

Alrighty, for now I'm done just want to share few pictures and gotta run have fun with my 16 mo old boy. 

Can't get over the fact how beautiful the land is. And it's ours...well my in-law's, even after living here for a year I still appreciate the nature, probably even more now since I have Ethan and I can show it all to him, teach him to appreciate it as well. 

Oh and I can not forget to share my best thrift find I've found so far - black high waisted shorts and sky blue with white polka dots button up shirt and all for $10 Feeling Lucky. I'm getting better at this :D

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