Monday, March 25, 2013

Fast make over of the living room - the result

Hey guys, here I am again. Finally have some time to sit down and share the photos of my fast make over of our living room (that I tried to pull off in less than a months). It was lots of fun. Since we are on a tight budget, make-overs of rooms weren't in it so I tried my hardest to work with things we already had.
I should probably start with the before pictures.

Now lets remember what idea I had in mind
living room make over inspiration

living room make over inspiration by marixa on Polyvore

Of coarse the room looks nothing like the above picture, that is why they call it a "mood board", some element are present though. 

...Here we go, the after

And I absolutely have to share just a few from Ethan's birthday party and how everything was set up. I got the pictures from my talented friend Tori Nefores who documented for us this special day.

It was a wonderful day. So grateful for friends who are gifting us with these precious gifts - memories that captured forever, among all the other amazing gifts that Ethan plays with/wears/reads now :)

A little bit about the room and what's been done to it by me:
1) curtains (it was a disaster but in the end I left it that way)
2) art above the sofa (painted on wood with acrylics)
3) throw pillow cases (fun project, learned how to sew button holes)
4) mason jars vases on drift:ed wood, mounted to the wall (that project kicked my butt. you can find similar ones on Pinterest)
5) accent wall (here are the details)
6) painted ottoman (details here)
7) painted window seals and door frames with the help of my sister-in-law (i wish i could find the picture of how the room looked like before the white paint..i'll try to find it just for laughs)
8) IKEA clock make-over (you can't see it in the pictures, it's obviously time for me to sleep haha but here's the details)
9) the little gray vase with two flowers white and yellow was my husband's touch (he is the best :)

Phew, I think I didn't forget anything. 
Money were spent on fabric for the curtains & pillow cases (I was lucky to find yellow and gray fabric in the clearance section), wood for the wall art, gray vase and two flowers, aluminum foil. I spent approximately under $50.
In case you are curious about the recliner chair..well that was a gift from Ian's best friend's parents. They are selling their house and giving away a lot of things. 

Let me know what you think :)

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