Saturday, February 9, 2013

Outfit of the week - Thrifted blouse

Last weekend I begged my husband to drop me off at a Goodwill, so I can just walk there for as much as I wanted without feeling rushed. It didn't go that way, he wanted to come too. So all three of us went to our local one. I found 4 Mason Jars with lids(yay) and browsed through clothes real quick. Our Goodwill is so huge now, it's like walmart, well almost. Ethan was getting hungry so I had to rush. All disappointed that I couldn't find anything unique I said to Ian with the pouty  face, "let's go"....Then when we were about to pass the last aisle, I pulled out this cool looking blouse, that reminded me of a movie Dazed and Confused haha. I showed it to Ian and he approved (like I need his approval, oh pleaaasee!). Then two steps further I pulled out an awesome blazer. I will put together an outfit with it for the next week. For now enjoy my hippie-like blouse with bad-ass collar and sleeves:

I'm sorry about my dirty mirror..but I'm not sorry haha! I actually love it. That's why this is the only mirror that I doesn't get clean in my house. I know...weirdo :)

faux fur Vera Wang vest, thrifted blouse, GoJane botties, old jeans