Friday, February 8, 2013

DIY inspo - Entering the world of Montessori

Internet is an amazing and VERY useful thing if you know what you need. Yes, you can waste way too much time online, but I've learned how to use my free time online as productive as possible. 
Lately I've been learning about Maria Montessori and her educational techniques. I have never heard of her before, never knew such thing existed. Now I'm thankful to my old blog+instagram, where I follow a few inspiring young mothers, I've discovered Montessori. It really is fascinating. If you anything like me (or how i was just a week or so ago) ..have no clue what Montessori education is, just goodle it and start with Wikipedia. Then just keep on clicking the links. When I'm done bookmarking all the things I found, I will make sure to share them with you later on. 
At this point I'm still very "green" in this, but what I am sure of - is that we are in love with principals of this education so far and I can not wait to start changing things around for Ethan and setting up every day activities, so his awake time is spent learning while having fun. It's all up to us what kind of a person he will grow up to be, we want to make sure we are giving him everything he needs to develop skills that will help him in the future. Since I am with him every day it's my natural responsibility to provide him with tools that encourage and feed his curious mind, so  he is learning every singe day. That's what I'm here for. 
The information I already have is quite overwhelming, but when I put things in order, make lists, mood-boards and so helps me not to lose my focus. 
That's why today I threw together super quick DIY inspiration of activities, I would like to make soon. You can buy these guys online, but since I'm obsessed with making things on my own (in hopes it's not damaging our budget lol) I want to try and make this.
diy inspo - Montessori activities

diy inspo - Montessori activities by marixa on Polyvore

Let me know your thoughts on Montessori education.

Have a great weekend!

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