Monday, February 18, 2013

Entering world of Montessori - update

It's been a week and two days since we completely changed Ethan's room. We got rid of his crib and made a floor bed out of his crib mattress. We bought him few things for sorting activities (just three different colored bawls with things that go inside and all from a Dollar store), went to IKEA and got a simple toy, he also got an early birthday gift from Ian's cousin - a toy in Montessori "style". Ethan has been great with his new environment since day one. First day he took a while to explore his "new" room and played forever until he finally passed out. Unfortunately I had no idea where exactly did he fall asleep, since the door was closed and I didn't want to take a chance to wake him up.  This was one of the reasons we had to purchase a camera to watch him and see how is he settling in his bed. It was my Valentine's day gift and I am so happy we bought it. It isn't a baby monitor/camera thing, it's actually a surveillance camera lol and it works GREAT! The first night he passed out cold on the floor so we had to go in and move him on to his bed, since then no more floor accidents and he is loving his independence. We are super proud of our boy. He is 11 months old + now.

My mother-in-law got me a Montessori book, so I can't wait to start reading it. We have a Montessori school in our town but I'm scared to look how much it cost haha For now we will be slowly switching all plastic toys on wooden+metal and just preparing little things here and there for Ethan to learn and have fun while he does so. I'll have to do lots and lots of reading and research to do everything right and have enough activities to cover all the aspects. It's very exciting. I'm just happy I found out about Montessori now and not too late.  

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