Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sexy comfortableness

When I get home from where ever, I take every single uncomfortable piece of clothing I've been wearing  off and change into something comfy.  I can not stand wearing jeans, bras and jewelry at home. I feel awful, like I'm wearing someone else's skin. I know, it's a bit weird (since I feel opposite when I'm out) but can't help it. Unfortunately being comfortable most of the time means looking "unsexy"..and when you have a kid..maybe even a bit homeless. haha! I've been there and trust me, not a pretty picture. So after wearing all sorts of pajama pants, baggy sweatpants and t-shirts that were old (felt bad throwing them away) I finally decided this situation has to change. I want to feel good and attractive even if I'm home doing dishes or wiping my sons bum. And I am positive any woman wants to feel that way.

Who said that sweats can't be sexy? 

Few things I'd consider when buying comfy but sexy home clothes:
1. Tight is better than baggy -> buy sweats/shorts that are hugging your behind or just go with leggings;
2. Show some skin -> if it's warm - wear shorts, show the leg (no buttons or zipper least not for me), if it's cold - show a bit of shoulder wearing wide neck tops/sweatshirts with leggings or tight sweats and don't forget about cropped tops;
3. Don't be afraid of colors and funky patters.

You don't have to spend ton of $$$ to have sexy cozy outfits. I'd never be able to justify spending $100 on sweats or tops I know will get paint, boogers and whatnot on. So be creative: walmart, goodwill, target are places to go and if you can't find anything in women's section, go check men's. You can always crop, cut off and even embellish if you want to go overboard ;) 
Remember, if celebs and fashionistas can make sweats look hot outside of their homes and get onto fashion blogs, you can make the same impression being at home and loving on your reflection every time you pass the mirror doing laundry. 
The visuals:

comfy&sexy at home

comfy&sexy at home by marixa featuring gray leggings

If you have other ideas please share. Also what would you wear on your feet?

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