Monday, December 10, 2012

Reclaimed wood coffee tables love

We do not own a coffee table anymore. Yep. It sucks. But since we had Ethan (who turned 9 months old today and I will be making another post with my letter to him) our living-room became one big pack'n'play. We live in a small apartment and it's only natural that we use the living-room as a play-room. All that's left to do for now is to day-dream about our future home and how we'd decorate it.

Old, vintage/ antique or vintage inspired furniture has a special place in my heart, so as a furniture that was made out of old materials that has aged, rustic look. Coffee table made out of reclaimed wood with few industrial accents (such as wheels) is definitely on my wish list!

Take a look and tell me that you wouldn't want to own one of these beautiful conversation pieces!? Because I wouldn't believe you ;)

The one on the 2nd photo is my favorite. Not kid friendly for sure, so next time I will be posting about home decor..make sure to check back. Will try to find no less beautiful pieces but child friendly.

And if you feel an urge to build a table like this now, watch this video tutorial on HGTV. Doesn't look to hard if you have all the right materials! 

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