Monday, December 10, 2012

Favorite 13

Hope you had a great weekend and Monday is treating you good. Mondays are usually hard for me. It seems harder to wake up, go on with my day routing, make myself do's just not my day. How about you? Do you have any specific "relationships" with Mondays? I definitely do.  So I'll try to make it better by sharing a few favorite things that make my face smile and maybe it will be a thing on my blog. Who knows! I'm still learning and trying my hardest to make it a fun place anybody can find something interesting to read or get inspired to make. 

And back to 13 Favorite things this Monday:
*oh you may wonder why 13?..i just love this number :)

1) Italian Greyhounds - my favorite dog breed after Chuhuahua and I can not wait when we have a house to get me a puppy. Just look at that happy face!

2) TATU sushi bar/restaurant I went to Saturday night for my girl friend's birthday. Fabulous interior design. Favorite detail were these lanterns that were hanging above the stair case:

3) Pasta salad I craved all day yesterday and just had to make it or I thought I die haha:

4) Drizzled Black&White Kettel Corn. I had this pop-cprn treat a year ago and my eyes popped out of my head when I tasted it for the first time. Hard to explain but I think it was made in haven. You absolutely have to try it! And good thing about it, it's so rich in flavor that you won't eat too many (good for people like me who can not stop until the last bit is gone lol)

5) I love all miniature things and I was very excited when I came across this etsy shop MountRoyalMint with all mini animals! Go check it out. Thought it would be a nice gift for a kid or an adult ;)

6) Completely in love with Juan Gatti's Illustrations "Natural Science". This is the kind of style I will be a getting a tattoo on my arm in April. Very collage like, flowers, plants..minus body anatomy. Just stunning:

You can read his short BIO over here.

7) You probably noticed I love old glass jars..haha Wishing on the stars Santa bringing me these. Too bad I'm not in Stockholm. If you are, stop by at Dusty Deco, there are plenty antique pieces for your antique lovers friends.

8) Ok, one more toy and I'll stop, but it's too adorable not to include it in my list. It makes me go "daaaaawwwww!"
You can buy this guy at Sonja Ahlers etsy shop .

9) Ok, now I'll share a secret - I have a HUGE girl crush on one of my favorite bloggers at Stylorectic - Eszter!!! She is unique and that's all there is to say. There is no one like her! The way she dresses, writes and the vibe that you get when browsing through her me she is perfection! Please don't hesitate and head over to her blog to get some awesomeness for yourself.

  10) I wish I wasn't lazy to paint my nails every week different color. If you love experimenting with your nails, take a look at Kaylah's blog The Dainty Squid and her weekly nail posts.

11) My favorite knee socks I wear in the winter time at home. Immediate mood booster..haha

12) Having ZERO doubts about shaving my head on the sides. And this is one of my favorite pictures I took of myself this year. 

13) And last - my all time favorite limp balm EOS. If it wasn't for my dear cousin Alena (who btw lives in KIEV and not here in USA) I'd probably never would have found out about this lol So lame, and I live in the States for almost 4 years now. Anws...the best treat for your lips

Phewww..that was one long list. Hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed making it. 
Happy Monday!  

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