Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Low maintenance house plants

Here's a confession for you: I am a plant killer. Can never keep anything green alive. I either water too often or not often enough, pick too dark of a spot to sit it at or with too much light. I'm a mess when it comes to plants. 

We have one single plant in my apartment at the moment and it's a cactus (actually variety of them). I'd love to own more but to be honest there's not much areas where we could keep them far from the kiddo or with enough of sunlight. Building is so old, window are narrow and too low, every other piece of furniture is hidden from the direct sun. So I'm hopeful that it'll change when we get our own house. But it doesn't mean that I'll start taking a better care for the green friends lol. I will have to find low maintenance ones anyways. Here are few that would suit me.

low maintenance house plants ideas

low maintenance house plants ideas by marixa on Polyvore

Boxdoow, angel vine wreath, cactus terrariums, ficus tree, mini herb topiary, ponytail palm etc.  
And what a lovely way to decorate any space!

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