Friday, December 21, 2012

How to turn "white" Christmas lights different color temporarily

And so back to decorating our home (yep...we are JUST putting some lights up and the tree) <- we are bad! haha!
Here you can look at my mood board for this Christmas decor idea. To re-fresh your memory - I called it lemon-lime winter. I'm using yellow, green and white color scheme. Today I accomplished: 
a) made salt dough ornaments in lemon/lime shapes 
b) painted them
c) changed colors of lights
d) put our fake tree up 
e) and few lights in the kitchen. 
Tree still needs the topper and fireplace few details, but I'll continue tomorrow.
For now I will share a quick tip of how to change those boring "white" or "yellowish" Christmas lights (that you've been using every year and now you are tired of them and your soul craves some pops of colors) into a different color temporarily, just so it will suit your color scheme you are working with this year.
All you need is:
1) your lights
2) Scotch tape
3) acrylic paint (+brush)
4) patience :)


Acrylic paint dries fast, scotch tape is easy to remove when you are done with your lights. Either keep it for next year, get rid of the painted tape and use regular lights or change colors again for the next year's color scheme. I'm happy the way my lights turned out. For this project I spent ZERO dollars...which makes me even happier :D

What do you think? Have other idea on how to change colors of your Xmas lights for one season? Please share!


  1. OMG this reminds me so much of when we used to have house parties and would make our own light system out of empty cans of paint!!!!

    1. that sounds so cool! i'll have to try and figure out how you did it :)