Thursday, November 29, 2012

Yarn mobile - repost

Here's another repost from my old blog. Chubby preggo pics alert ;) 
I made this mobile with my mom, when my parents flew here from Ukraine for a visit and to witness  the birth of their fist grandson. Right now my son is almost 9 months old and he still loves the mobile. He won't look up at it much any more but he always starts smiling as soon as I pick him up and let him touch it.

"While still pregnant I came across this cool and easy DIY for Yarn Chandelier...saved the link, as I always do for project I want to try, and when our boy's nursery was almost ready (there was no mobile) I figured why not use the tutorial, alter it a bit and make it into my own design for mobile. So here's my version I was making when I was 40 weeks exactly:


Baby Ethan, when was around 3 weeks, already could see he noticed the mobile. Now (he's almost 2 months) he mesmerized by it and when it stops spinning (which we have to do manually..spinning it with our hand) he demands to make it spin again by soon as it spins again he smiles with his mouth wide open. The cutest thing ever!"

This was a very fun and simple DIY. The basic idea could be used in so many ways and different projects...


  1. Oh my goodness that came out so wonderful! I'm going to have to give this a try myself!

    1. thank you Amanda!!! I'm happy it inspired you to try and make one too :)