Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cheap alternative accent wall DIY

Hey guys, I've been so busy doing things for my "new" living room fast make-over, that I haven't even had a chance to post any updates. 10 days left before Ethan's birthday party and I'm really rushing here to make this room look half decent.
So far me and my sister-in-law painted window seals and door frames the same color as walls. Yep, they were dark purple O_o, I sewed new curtains or so I call them..they kinda look like panels of fabric that a 2 year old cut out haha (im such an amateur), I decided to paint sides of my ottoman yellow and grey and only upholster the top of it (will post about it soon) and last night I made a pillow case for one of throw pillows from fabric scraps that was left over from making "curtains". Learned how to sew buttonholes with my sewing machine, what a cool feature! 
And last but not least, made an accent wall behind our TV. That little space is awkward. It's not big enough to fit our sofa in so that TV would be on the opposite wall between windows, it's now big enough to have anything on both sides of I'm still brainstorming how to make this area attractive. For now this is what I've come up with: aluminum foil + mod podge = accent wall.

Didn't do the whole wall so that little someone wouldn't want to put his hands on it. That is why I desperately need to figure out how to fill in the empty space on the sides, in a toddler friendly way. If you have any ideas please share! 
I tried to "copy" the shapes/patter of the "leafs" from the fabric I used for my curtains. 
And of coarse, it wouldn't be a real DIY project by Marina if she wouldn't injure herself. I am the biggest klutz you'll ever meat. Rotary cutter + me = bad idea

Hope your week is going well!

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  1. Beautiful idea. Great work from another klutz with sharp things...