Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Free your home from chemicals

The more we were getting into the whole clean eating (vegetarian/vegan/raw/etc) that  only positively affects our insides, the more we were thinking about things we put ON our bodies and how it affects our outer shell. I do admit that with all the knowledge comes a huge overwhelming feeling of "omg so much to do and change. where do i start? how to maintain? it's SO much work?". But it is a transition that takes time and patience. In the end it pays off with healthier bodies, minds and longer, healthier lives.  You gotta start somewhere...
So we started, again, with another movie.
Nothing like a good inspiring documentary, that makes you wanna get up in the middle of the night and do a "house cleanse" by throwing away every single product you have under your sink in the kitchen or/and in the bathroom. After we watch Chemerical there was no doubt the "junk" will be out soon enough. Every time I wash dishes or my hands, or my face, or brush my teeth I can not stop thinking of all the nasty stuff I'm putting inside my body. The eye opening documentary shows how much chemicals are in your home, how they affect your health and your budgets, what alternatives there are and how to make them at home using natural simple ingredients (with detailed recipes available in the movie and on their website). 
Of coarse the "house cleanse" didn't happen that night, because we weren't prepared. No, not mentally (mentally we were ready 100%) but we simply didn't have things to replace the nasty stuff with. First we have to make lists, go shopping and so on. Life has been insane so we still haven't done a thing, which really puts a lot of paranoia in my head haha! But like my mother-in-law loves to say "one day at a time". As long as we know what to do, we will transition soon enough. 

So today I just wanted to share a few links to the recipes + directions (I found via Wellness Mama <- my new favorite blog) of the products that you use at home most often. 
Here you go, enjoy and thank Wellness Mama: all-purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, laundry detergent
Another favorite part about the blog - is an APP (for iPhone or Android or other smartphone) so all the recipes on the tips of your fingers anywhere you go. You are welcome :D

Hope everyone is doing well! 

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