Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My day in photos - Tuesday

At the end of the day Ethan took 3-4 steps on his own when I reached my arms. Then I was "teasing" him with daddy's cool watch that he really wanted to chew on and he took few steps again! I got it on video!!! Ethan you rock!!! I may share the video..or may just keep it to myself ;)

And..here are some snaps of my day:


1. I do not like pink, but I think husband forgot about it when buying me cozy sleepers ;)
2. Trying to make plans for my birthday
3. Mother-in-law is a painter, I'm lucky because I get all sorts of goodies from her for no reason. Thanks Marge!
4. Boy was happy today. Now after 6 teeth came out I have fingers crossed he'll stay this way for a while - smiley and happy
5. Failed attempt making stenciled cards. Had to just paint it. Don't like it. Trying again tomorrow
6. Did few sketches in the sketch book in picture #3
7. Snaking late on some yummy kumato
8. Husband looking for a new car after his accident

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