Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cute vs. Sexy

I mentioned before that in Ukraine the "main" holiday of the year is New Years. It's celebrated mostly at home with family or friends, with a table full of different yummy dishes, champaign (and vodka), clementines, funny tv shows and President's speech at midnight. Then drinking doesn't stop until next morning (never done that but I know for a fact ;)
When I was young I'd stay home to be with my parents and would go to sleep a little after 12. But being older opened so many doors for me haha. I went to a bunch of friend's parties (either themed ones or not) and those were the best New Years Eves I had a pleasure to experience. And I'm so glad to get to know that here, in the States, people do the same. Christmas is for families. New Years Eve is for friends and a great excuse to dress up!      
So if we'll be going anywhere this year, it'll be hard to pick what to wear. Cute = comfy or Sexy = feet in pain. What would you wear?

cute vs. sexy New Years Eve outfit

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