Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in review

This year has been the most important year of our lives. I could write on and on about becoming parents, but you don't know how it's like until you know :) I won't bore you with long post today because it's New Years Eve and we have lots of things to relax and reflect..haha so... All I wanted to say and remember is that nothing can compare to a out-of-this-world-endless-unconditional-love to a little human being you and your loved one have created. Being a parent is hard, no question about that but it is the most rewarding job in the world. Ethan was born on March 10th with my husband sitting next to me holding my hand and my parents waiting in the other room to meet their first grandchild. They flew from Ukraine (where I am from) to be with me, with us for the first month of Ethan's life. I can promise you that I will never forget this year and what it meant to us. 

In other aspects life has been hard as well: 
~ Adjusting psychophysically a emotionally to being a full time mom was one the hardest things, especially while struggling with depression. But I've made the best choices to take care of myself putting all the skepticizm aside and figuring out how to make myself happy. ~ Letting go of control and giving Ian a chance to figure out how to care for a our child without looking over his shoulder and falling in love even more with him (which I had no idea was possible) after seeing him being the father he is to our son. 
~ Finishing up my driving part of drivers education
~ Cutting myself a slack by stopping pressuring myself to do things that weren't coming naturally artistically-wise. 
~ Opening my heart to and falling in love with watercolours was a gift I gave myself this year. Very excited learning more and painting away in the 2013 :)
~ Creating this blog as a place for memories of my life and things I love
~ Starting to see positives first other than assuming and concentrating on negatives (which was a big and annoying problem of my everyday attitude)
Overall I feel like I've grown a bit as a person and it's a good feeling. I'm lucky to have my boys in my life and I am thrilled and excited what the future years hold for us.

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