Friday, November 16, 2012

Dating advice from my future self

Few months ago I was looking for something to watch on hulu and this short, silly, cute show came up. It's called Dating rules from my Future self. It's nothing exciting, but there was something great that caught my eye - a  beautiful interior design of girls' house. It had so much things I love, like shabby chic furniture, decorations, colors and somevintage pieces. I'd love to have a craft room in that kind of know, since I have a husband who, I wouldn't think, would dig shabby chic theme in the whole house. haha! Here are some screen shots:

My favorite things were the tub, window with glass bottles in the bathroom, her hanging lights made out of jars in her bedroom, her bedroom wall color and book pages glued to the wall, wall color in the kitchen, kitchen table, floor lamp in her bedroom next to the vanity. Did you notice any other cool details?

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