Monday, November 12, 2012

A day off

Being a mother 24/7 is no joke. It is hard but it is incredible at the same time. I'm grateful that we are able to be in a position for me to be a stay at home mom. On the other hand I (like any other human being) absolutely have to have a break once in a while. So I had my break last Saturday and it was very refreshing.  I had a photoshoot with my beautiful friend that needed to update her headshots (she is a dancer), then I went shopping and bought few things I really wanted, then I had a crafty evening with my other friend where I did one of the DIYs I've been dying to do for a while (Pinterest such a great place) and then I had a dinner and a drink with my other couple of girl friends. Meanwhile husband stayed with the kiddo and had a blast himself. Here's some visuals :)


The shoot went so well! It was a great weather, not too cold and Jenn was a tough guy..she was pretty much half-naked jumping on those rock! Anything for the art, ha! These golden guys will go back on the jars that I will be suing for q-tips and some cotton balls and some other things..maybe make-up brushes and whatnot. Aren't they cute? 

Im hoping I'll have day offs more often..haha..but really, for my sanity!

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